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Best Rated Bohemian Switzerland Prague Day Trips and Tours Since 2014.

Imagine visiting a place where one of your friends has lived for a longer time. Would you ask them to give you a tour and show you the best spots so you can experience it as local and not a tourist? Of course you would do that!

And now imagine that we are your friends from Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland. We're a family-like local company, the first ones who started Prague day trips to Bohemian Switzerland in 2014. And we're doing it wtih passion since then :)

Also, here are some benefits we can offer that even your friends might not be able to::

1) We’re all experienced hikers that grew up in the Bohemian Switzerland region.

2) Even though we’re Czech, we feel at home everywhere. We have experience living in different countries like the United States, and we frequently travel around the world. Therefore we communicate in English with other fellow travelers on a daily basis.

3) We’d be happy to talk to you about our culture or even our history, if that’s something that interests you.  

4) We are excellent and careful drivers. We were trained professionally as well at the training center Polygon in Hradec Králové. That said, we’ll get you safely from your hotel, to the final destination, and back.

5)  If you get dizzy or trip over, you can rely on us to help you out. Nevertheless you don't have to worry, because it almost never happens. But if so, it’s nice to know that we are certified in first aid and CPR, right?

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We're not friends of massive tourism and that's why we are operating in small groups that are more sustainable for the environment. 

When participating in the local community we support, for example, the local restaurant U Forta and Bohemian Coffee House. We also work with local photographers such as Maxime_North or kubajszcom and the town council in Krásná Lípa. Money spent on our tour stays in the region. Part of it even goes to the “Destination Fund Bohemian Switzerland” which we are a proud part of and contributor.

And one more tiny fact! We also have over 1500! amazing reviews on Tripadvisor, so check it out. 

Team Support

Vitek Northernhikes


Founder & Owner since 2014

Born and raised in the Bohemian Switzerland national park area, Decin is my hometown. In 2014 I quit my corporate job and founded Northern Hikes travel agency - out of love for hiking and nature. To do a job that has sense of purpose. I have more than 20 years of experience travelling within the region. My aim is to show you that it's not just Prague what you should visit during your stay in the Czech Republic. I will get you to Czech nature :-).

Eva Northernhikes


The Best Tour Coordinator

I’ve always loved traveling and hiking. When I got chance to become part of  the “Northern Hikers” and to wander around Bohemian Switzerland it was both love at first sight. My new goal is to share passion for the national park Bohemian Switzerland with you and catter for the the best experience possible so you can fall in love with this sandstone region the same way as I did. You will e-meet me through our email communication :)

Chew-man Northernhikes


Head Coach

Woof! For more than five years I am the real director behind all of this fun. A true leader of every teambuilding. The secret Maestro behind all the restaurant food tasting. The fluffy buddy that makes everybody laugh.

Do you too love dogs? We in Northern Hikes can't help ourselves and Chew-man is well aware of that. He'll steal your snack package in a moment, so stay alert :-).

Markéta Northernhikes


Our Beloved Team Asistant

My role is not just about organization and task management; it's about being the behind-the-scenes force that supports the magic of exploring České Švýcarsko National Park. I'm passionate about nature and thrilled to help others discover its beauty.



Tour Guides

Marek Northernhikes


Senior Tour Guide (LICENSED)

I was also born in the Decin - town known as "the gate to the Bohemian Switzerland". Having 15 years of experience in travel industry on cruise ships all around the world, I always wanted to come back one day. Now I am back tour guiding in my home region to show you the best scenic sites, rock formations, deep gorges and scenic viewpoints all around the national park.

Pavla Northernhikes


Senior Tour Guide (LICENSED)

I grew up in an ordinary town between Prague and national park so since I was little, I tried to escape to nature every time I could. I have always loved rocks and hills and in Bohemian Switzerland I have found paradise. Spending much time outdoors, my passion gradually converted into a work of a tour guide so I can show you places familiar to me and yet unknown to you. I also love to climb and as this national park is the area where rock climbing in the Czech Republic started, it is  a place which attracts me like a steel to magnet.

MARTIN H. Northernhikes


Senior Tour Guide (LICENSED)

My hometown Varnsdorf is located just half an hour from the national park. Since my childhood I fell in love with maps, nature and history. This combination showed me the way of my life - geography and travelling. Although I often travel abroad, I always wonder how the national park, just in my backyard, is stunning. Let´s explore the kingdom of silence, wilderness and phantasy.

Lenka Northernhikes


Tour Guide (LICENSED)

I love working as a tour guide because it is everything I enjoy: hiking, meeting new people, sharing knowledge, speaking foreign languages, driving and above all, making people happy. I have experience as a scout troop leader, as a teacher, and as a parent, who likes to explore the beauty of the Czech Republic with my family. We all adore the Bohemian Switzerland national park because of its diversity and it is always a uniquely fun experience.

Martin A. Northernhikes

Martin A.

Tour Guide (LICENSED)

Born in Prague but raised in the mountains of northern Bohemia, this ignited my love for nature.  I continued then to study natural sciences though I love both earth and sky.  Therefore I had worked for over 24 years as cabin chief for an international airline company. Joining Northern Hikes is currently the ideal combination of where I can unite all the elements I enjoy: nature, mountains and people and share my knowledge on the area. 

Michal Northernhikes


Tour Guide (LICENSED)

Hi, I'm Michal, a nature lover and adventurous tour guide. I grew up exploring the Central Bohemian Highlands and have dabbled in various roles - from psychology to management. Off duty, I enjoy balancing acts, foot-tennis, and a good tune. Life to me is a constant journey of learning, summed up in my mantra: "Living simply isn't always simple." Ready for a memorable tour in the national park? Let's go together!

Petr Northernhikes


Tour Guide (LICENSED)

Born in Děčín, the gateway to Bohemian Switzerland National Park, I moved to Prague at 18 for my studies and stayed there for 15 years. Eventually, the hustle of city life led me back to my roots. I devote my free time to the great outdoors—hiking, biking, and skiing across the sandstone mountains. My passion for nature and my homeland inspired me to join Northern Hikes, where I enjoy sharing its beauty with others.

Tomas Northernhikes


Tour Guide (LICENSED)

From steering buses and journeying around the world to leading excursions in Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland, my career path has always been about fulfillment. I ventured abroad for more than five years, only to return home to my dream job. Nature matters deeply to me, as does fostering new friendships, sharing enriching experiences, and above all, delivering excellent service that guests will remember fondly.