Bohemian Switzerland from Prague

Our iconic & popular tour we have started the company with. The biggest amount of hiking covering the largest portion of the national park Bohemian Switzerland.

Hiking tour covering 10 miles (16 km) and providing the best overview of the national park. Great choice for an active day.

If you'd ask locals which sites you can't miss, they would recommend you the Pravcicka Gate and the Gorges of Kamenice dinghy ride. And that's exactly where we will take you on this tour.

On your day trip from Prague you will hike through the most preserved part of the national park - the so called "First Zone" - which covers less than 7 % of the national park only. It is that much precious. You will admire sandstone formations and steep rock walls along the way up to the Gate and enjoy a nice forest walk. A relax for your mind and body in an active style.

Pravcicka Gate | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
The First Zone of Bohemian Switzerland

Once you reach the Gate itself be ready for spectacular views from the viewpoints all around. Sandstone table mountains in the Germany, the Rose hill and a sheer forest below it is something your eyes will feast on while wind will sweep through your hair.

The trip then continues through the Gabriela's trail and takes you around even more sandstone towers in an easy 2-hour part of the hike. Walk around old oaks and beech trees, stay quiet for awhile and maybe a falcon who's local to the area will patrol you from above.

Next stop is the lunch, of course ! We will treat you with a main course and a drink - included in your tour - in a traditional restaurant. This is unlike what you are used to from common tours. They cook really, really good meals there, believe us. How does beef tenderloin with dumplings, grilled chickpea with veggies or a wild boar goulash sound like ? Oh, and of course local beer from a mini-brewery which you can drink only there, that's a must !


The Pravcicka Gate monument
Unique sandstone formations
Gorges of Kamenice dinghy ride
Rich & tasty lunch at a local restaurant
A local guide for the whole day
The First Zone of the National Park

Tour details

Well maintained trails
Perfect for an active day
10 Miles (16 KM) moderate hiking
Your passport is required for the tour

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Free cancellation up to 24 hours before start of the tour. Secure Your Adventure Today and stay flexible with your travel plans.

The First Zone of Bohemian Switzerland | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
The First Zone of Bohemian Switzerland
Pravcicka Gate | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Pravcicka Gate

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