Bohemian Switzerland Icefalls

Icicles Growing From Rocks | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Icicles Growing From Rocks

Miraculous icefalls & icicles hidden between sandstone rock formations. Active winter hike covering 6 miles (9 KM) in snow ! Available only in winter season on selected days. Rare offer.

Every year we're looking forward to this opportunity. Waiting and waiting... And then finally ! A winter comes to Bohemian Switzerland and we can offer you this active outdoor tour. Discover so called "Brtniky icefalls" hidden deep in the national park's forest. Witness rare scenery which does not occur every year but only now and then. 

Fomations in Ice Cave | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Brtniky Icefalls

Our guide will take you through sandstone valleys and show you the right path. There, on many sites you can observe how water dipping through the sandstone rock creates amazing ice formations. You will walk in snow, breathe virgin fresh air and absorb the tranqulity of pine forest. One of the best things ? The crowds are gone in winter and the national park is definitely NOT busy during this time. Maybe you'll have the scenery just for you. See the frozen beauty of colorful icefalls with your own eyes.

Of course one needs some extra energy during such a day so we will treat you with another highlight - lunch in a small local brewery. They craft the "Falkenstejn" beer there and offer delicious local czech cuisine with very traditional meals to taste. It's where we finished our plans when composing this trip together :)


Miraculous Brtniky icefalls
Unique sandstone formations
Well balanced for any age
THE BEST winter viewpoints
Rich & tasty lunch at a local brewery
A local guide for the whole day

Tour details

Available only in winter season on selected days
6 miles (9 km) moderate walking
Please pack warm and waterproof clothes
Hiking through sandstone valleys
The First Zone of the National Park
FREE snack pack & water for the day

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Free cancellation up to 24 hours before start of the tour. Secure Your Adventure Today and stay flexible with your travel plans.

Brtniky Icefalls | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Brtniky Icefalls
Fomations in Ice Cave | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Fomations in Ice Cave

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