Coffee & Canyons

Capture spectacular photos from Europe's Highest Sandstone Canyon while sipping on freshly brewed coffee with amazing view.

This tour is an incredibly unique experience, and one we promise you will never forget! To fight over tourism in the National Park and to promote sustainable tourism and support local companies, we have partnered with a local coffee house to bring you coffee with a view. You'll hike to off the beaten path sites, enjoy incredible viewpoints, take envy-inducing photos and, as a cherry on the top, we will treat you to a cup of premium black coffee freshly made by a local coffee brewer!

Amazing vistas | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Enjoy Coffee & Cake

Think coffee isn't special?! Well... our tour guide will prepare it right before your eyes, teach you unique methods and all while you enjoy spectacular views of the canyon and surrounding forest.  

When was the last time you had a coffee break at a top of a canyon while feasting your eyes on spectacular views of sandstone rock formations and the winding River Elbe below. Sign up for our hiking and coffee adventure today!"


Outdoor coffee ritual
Sandstone cliffs
The Elbe river canyon
Really tasty lunch
Rare photo opportunities

Tour details

Scenic viewpoints
Easy to do hiking
Off the beaten path trails
Responsible tourism

Book with confidence

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before start of the tour. Secure Your Adventure Today and stay flexible with your travel plans.

Enjoy Coffee & Cake | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Enjoy Coffee & Cake
Amazing vistas | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Amazing vistas

Northern Hikes offers two types of discounts for our guests:

Children up to 12 years old receive 30 % discount.

Larger groups of 7 and 8 guests are eligible for two types of bonification.

  • Groups of 7 will receive 1 free seat on the tour. So you can travel in 8 people and pay for 7 only. Also the tour will automatically switch to a private tour.

  • Groups of 8 will pay for 7 people only. This means you get 1 seat for free. Also the tour will switch to a private one.

Private tour means a standard tour itinerary but with no other group on the tour.

All the discounts are applied automatically by our system when you make the booking. The price shown is final.