Half Day Trip to Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark

Hruboskalsko rock town | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Hruboskalsko rock town

Enjoy the Bohemian Paradise UNESCO trails and see cliff-like viewpoints in a shorter tour. Save time for your evening plans & fun.

Ready for a smart hiking adventure ? We will put you smack in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise UNESCO geopark, the Hruboskalsko rocks. You'll hardly find a better way to explore attractive sandstone formations, narrow passages and breathtaking views in a short time. Our 7 hours long Half Day Trip is a great candidate to be your first touch with remarkable nature of Czechia.

Starting at 8 a.m. and returning to Prague around 3 p.m. you'll still have enough time to fully enjoy top of the rock's views and a great quality lunch to feast on. You can catch your evening entertainment in Prague and still see more than just the capital city - a well balanced visit to CZ ;)

The "Hruboskalsko" rock town will enchant you with tall sandstone spines, bizare rock shapes and millions years old natural history. Famous cliff viewpoints of the "Bandmaster" or the "Hruba skala" chatteau will make this your ultimate hiking start in CZ. Our tour among rocks is some 5 miles or 8 KM long and easy to do if you like nature walks. The trail is also very popular among Czech families thanks to it's beauty and easy-to-do paths.

You won't get back to Prague hungry :) A feast in Abel's mill restaurant, one that has the best reviews all around, follows. Choose anything you wish, it's á la carte! A chance to try delicious Czech countryside couisine... And wait for that cold beer to conclude the trip. Hike awesome trails, enjoy your included meal and be back in Prague sooner than many others ;)

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Enchanting sandstones
Á la carte lunch
Hruba Skala chateau viewpoint
Panoramic views

Tour details

Sandstone formations
Trail among rocks
5 Miles (8 KM)
Moderate walking
Lunch included

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Aerial view of the chateau | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Aerial view of the chateau
Hruba Skala | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Hruba Skala

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