Steam & Stone: The Oybin Castle

Oybin Town | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Oybin Town

Take a scenic steam train to the incredible Oybin Castle ruins. Capture perfect snaps of the awe-inspiring landscapes, and have an unforgettable day with minimal effort.

Fancy a day trip with a relaxed start? Unlike our other tours that kick off early, this one lets you catch some extra z's with a pick-up around 8:30 a.m. Perfect for families, late risers, or anyone in the mood for a laid-back yet unforgettable day.

We begin with a comfy drive in our state-of-the-art mini-van to Zittau. Along the way, our local guide will set the mood, sharing fun facts about the Zittau Mountains and Oybin Castle—perfect little appetizers for the day's main course.

The first highlight? A vintage steam train ride through Germany's scenic landscapes that takes you directly to Oybin Castle ruins. It's a 40-minute journey that doesn't just cover miles but also rolls back the years, giving you the unique experience of old-world travel.

Up next is Oybin Castle, a treasure trove of history with minimal walking required. Our guide will help you delve into its storied past, letting you roam its stone archways and capture panoramic snapshots. It's a chill, family-friendly affair that won't tire out little legs but will still intrigue history buffs.

Oybin Castle Ruins | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Steam Train

Now, time for a culinary detour! We'll feast on delicious local German cuisine at a welcoming restaurant in Oybin. Kids and grown-ups alike will find something to savor, and why not wash it down with a German beer? It's a nice switch from the Czech brews you might have tried back in Prague.

As we steam back to Zittau, this second ride offers another chance to appreciate the vistas you might've missed the first time around. But don't consider this a repeat; consider it an encore. A final, captivating scene in a day that's been full of highlights.

To wrap it up, we’ll whisk you back to Prague in our mini-van, leaving you with a collection of cherished memories and photos.

All in all, this tour is a feast for the senses without requiring any heavy lifting—literally! Ideal for families, perfect for anyone who's not into strenuous hiking, and a unique chance to dive into local German culture, all under the guidance of regional experts.

How does that sound for a day out? Book now and make this a centerpiece of your European vacation!


Two steam train rides
Oybin Castle Ruins
Sandstone Formations
A local expert guide
Door to door service
VIP á la carte lunch

Tour details

Easy, good for families and kids (4+ years)
Anybody can join
Only 3 miles (5 KM) of walking
8:30 a.m. start & 7:00 p.m. return
10.5 Hours tour
Lunch & snack pack included

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Steam Train | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Steam Train
Oybin Castle Ruins | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Oybin Castle Ruins

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